George Mason University – Cultural Studies Ph.D. Program

Ph.D Focus

Forthcoming Dissertation

Forthcoming Dissertation Proposal

Field Statements

CULT-802: Histories of Cultural Studies (Prof. Dina Copelman)

  • Introductory Essay
  • Essay 1: Concepts of Culture from Arnold, Marx, and Weber
  • Essay 2: Concepts of Commodification from Gramsci, Williams, and Eagleton
  • Essay 3: Cultural Studies from the Birmingham Center through Hebdige and Gilroy

CULT-804: Contemporary Cultural Theory (Prof. Denise Albanese)

  • Presentation: Foucault’s Discipline and Punish
  • Paper 1: Concepts of the Public Sphere, the Market, and the Internet
  • Paper 2: On the Concept of Method in Society of the Spectacle
  • Paper 3: Agamben’s Concept of Sovereignty
  • Paper 4: Contemporary American Subalternity

CULT-806: Research Methods (Prof. Paul Smith)

HIST-615: Consuming History, Mediating the Past (Prof. Alison Landsberg)

  • Weekly Response Papers
  • In-Class Presentation: Rosenzweig and Thelen, The Presence of the Past
  • Final Paper: Wikipedian Historiography

CULT-812: Documentary and the Visual Cultures of Late Capitalism (Prof. Tim Kaposy)

CULT-816: Science and Technology (Prof. Roger Lancaster)

  • Weekly Response Questions
  • Book Review: America by Design
  • Book Review: Making the Mexican Diabetic
  • Book Review: Life Exposed
  • Final Paper: Internet Architecture, Social Media, and the Arab Awakening

CULT-820: After Colonialism (Prof. Paul Smith)

  • Paper 1: Proletariat and Colonized in Cesaire’s Discourse on Colonialism
  • Paper 2: A Discussion of a Statement by Fanon in Wretched of the Earth
  • Paper 3: On Spivak’s Methodologies

CULT-860: War and Media (Prof. Hugh Gusterson)

CULT-860: The Frankfurt School (Prof. Paul Smith)

  • Meditation: Adorno on cultural criticism
  • Final Paper: Schmitt-Adorno-Derrida Genealogy; Towards Post-Modernity

CULT-870: Information and Communication Technologies and Policies in West Africa

  • Weekly Reflection / Review Papers
  • Case Studies
  • Final Paper: Nationalism and Internet Architecture Policy in Western Equatorial Africa


Georgetown University -Communications, Culture, and Technology (CCT) M.A. Program

M.A. Thesis

CCTP-627: Looking at Photography (Prof. James Schaefer)

CCTP-687: History of the Book/Technologies of the Text (Prof. Michael Macovski)

CCTP-704: Gender, Sexuality, and the Body (Prof. Michael Coventry)

CCTP-719: Film Theory (Prof. Melissa Goldman)

  • Weekly posts to course blog
  • Midterm: short essays: marxism, effects of CGI
  • Final: short essays: post-feminism, Dark Days

CCTP-721: Critical Theory and Contemporary Media (Prof. Matthew Tinkcom)

CCTP-738: Contemporary Visual Art: Theory, Practice, and Institutions (Prof. Martin Irvine)

CCTP-745: Communication Technology and Organizations (Prof. Jeanine Turner)

CCTP-748: Media Theory and Visual Culture (Prof. Martin Irvine)

CCTP-754: Networks and International Development (Prof. D. Linda Garcia)

CCTP-787: Designing Interdisciplinary Research (Prof. Michael Coventry)