2 thoughts on “Nostalgia for the present, well-spoken.

  1. I love sending and receiving letters.You can take them out of your treasure box years later and just hear the voice of the person who wrote to you. Surely we need to save the post office.

    Here’s one recent example. In October I was in southern Italy and met an elderly man at his olive groves in the area where my father had flown missions for the allies during the liberation of Italy in World War II. He was so happy to meet the daughter of a US Air Force flyer (“I love the Americans. They saved us!!”) We talked through an interpreter and I took a photo of him and me. He wrote down his address for me. He is not an internet/computer guy, so I wrote him a letter, mailing him a copy of the photo and an old army photo of my Dad. He was so thrilled that he wrote back a letter and asked me to stay in touch.

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