Lessons, Connections and Directions

The summer now underway, it’s a good time to take stock of gains, setbacks, and lessons learned from the semester. This post simply reviews the three sets of work undertaken over the past few months, and then try to detail the priorities and next steps necessary to continue progress towards the dissertation. Between materials, structures, and approaches, more incommensurability than contiguity prevails – yet weak ties persist in imagination and in theory. Broadly speaking, both epistemological and methodological considerations justify holding all three in concert, as parts of the long-term and focused project. And yet this can only hint at a strategy, it seems, and my largest outstanding challenge will be to find the coherent framework that unifies or at least governs the relationship between each of these schools of thought. Continue reading


Mini Research Plan for GoCrossCampus

Abstract: I would study GoCrossCampus from the perspectives of organizational communications and cultural studies. Using these two disciplines and an approach of immersion into the game space paired with interpretive textual analysis, I would examine how GoCrossCampus is an example of a communications complex. In this type of virtual environment, composed almost entirely of communications technologies, users inhabit space by communicating within that space.

Midterm Essay